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Artisan Crafts Come To Nottingham Industrial Museum

Artisan Crafts come to Nottingham Industrial Museum

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We are so excited to announce that we’re running a series of craft workshops throughout 2019, celebrating the home industries of Nottinghamshire. Most of our visitors are used to seeing our huge engines and rooms full of¬†inventions. But what about the smaller-scale industries that Nottingham’s residents were, and still are, a part of?

From bobbin-lace to lanterns, rag rugs to Macrame, greetings cards, jewellery, furniture… the list of exciting crafts goes on and on!

We want these crafts and industries to be sustainable into the future as well as the past. That’s why wherever possible we’ll be using recycled and salvaged materials.

Check out our events page for details of how to book on. Prices start at £5 per session.

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