Nottingham Industrial Museum, nestling in the grounds of Wollaton Hall and Deer Park, is one of Nottinghamshire’s best-kept secrets.

We celebrate the history of industry in Nottingham and the local area. As you walk round the galleries you will discover the names of the people and companies that made industrial Nottingham famous around the world.

Steam Hall

The Steam Hall contains the impressive Basford Beam Engine. One of a pair of engines built in 1858 by R.W Hawthorn in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, it was installed at Basford Pumping Station to supply fresh water to the City of Nottingham. You can also see a pair of Fowler steam ploughing engines, a number of static steam and diesel engines, working steam models, a model railway and a working telephone exchange…read more >>


The gallery includes a Brough Superior car, one of only four saloons made, alongside a Celer, believed to be the only example existing. Also on display are a number of Brough Superior motorbikes, including a number of non-production models and a significant collection of Raleigh cycles…read more >>


In this gallery, you will learn about the fascinating lives of the men, women and children who worked in the textile factories that made Nottingham the lace capital of the world. The gallery features some of the earliest and most important machinery of its type in the country, most of which was built in the Nottingham area. The collection includes three hand knitting frames for producing woollen goods…read more >>

Gin Yard

Our outside space is dominated by a large wooden horse Gin Wheel which was used in a local colliery to bring coal to the surface. Surrounding the Yard are a series of workshops, including a working Blacksmith’s Forge, a coal truck on rails and a recently restored Living Van…read more >>


This gallery includes a number of turret (or public) clocks, a collection of telephones and other telecommunications material (donated by Plessey Co., latterly Siemens), in addition to early printing machines and a series of wireless receivers. We even have a model spark transmitter which you can use to send Morse Code messages…read more >>

This short video gives an over view of all the galleries.

And not forgetting the wonderful heritage of Nottingham Industrial Museum itself! Since our inception at Wollaton Hall and Deer Park we have had a long and industrious history – see here for more information.

Don’t forget on the last Sunday of every month, we hold a steaming day when you can come and see our working exhibits in action.